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Learning Pathways Guide

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What is the SAA Learning Pathways about?

The Guide is developed to augment an individual personal and professional development as an aviation professional and leader in the air transport industry.

It provides an outline of key learning areas that an individual or an organisation may use as building blocks to synthesise learning to navigate the complex aviation landscape.

How to utilise this Guide?

Customise your own learning from our comprehensive suite of courses that develop your core competencies required in your job functions, as well as key management areas in civil aviation to enhance your overall knowledge and skills sets as a professional.
Design diverse training pathways that cater to staff learning and development across functions and levels, while ensuring that you are aligned with organisational goals.
Nurture learning in your organisation and build a high-performing organisation. Build a learning culture through knowledge generation and continuous learning. Meet other aviation leaders at our executive-level programmes.

Customise learning pathways

based on a selection of courses from three domains


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