3rd Singapore Aviation Safety Seminars

30 March 2017

SAA is proud to have worked with Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) to jointly organise the 3rd Annual Singapore Aviation Safety Seminars (SASS) from 28 to 30 March 2017. Over the three days, more than 140 aviation safety experts from 17 countries congregated at SAA to discuss and exchange ideas on new initiatives to improve global aviation safety.

This year’s theme, “Stepping up Safety: A Systematic Approach”, took an in-depth look into three key areas - safety challenges and human factors issues; organisational safety issues, and recent safety lessons, tools and initiatives; latest technology relating to safety. The Seminars featured 19 international and local experts, including Mr Catalin Radu, Deputy Director (Aviation Safety), ICAO Air Navigation Bureau, who gave the keynote address.

“Organisations must first be intentional in managing safety,” said Mr Tay Tiang Guan, Deputy Director-General of CAAS, in his opening speech, outlining three key ways to approach safety in a systematic manner. “Next, organisations need to acquire multi-disciplinary capabilities to manage safety performance by leveraging on more and better tools and software applications. And most importantly, States and industry must strengthen cooperation to advance aviation safety globally. It is critical that aviation safety remain a key priority as we build up the necessary aviation manpower and capabilities, as well as establish cooperative frameworks to advance aviation safety.”

SAA thanks FSF, speakers, delegates and sponsors for making SASS 2017 a success. Look out for the next SASS in March 2018!