SAA Aviation Insight Series on Aviation Fatigue Risk Management Using the Human Factors PEAR Model Analysis

27 March 2017

On 27 March 2017, SAA held its 2nd Aviation Insight Series (AvIS) talk for the year which attracted some 90 attendees from various stakeholders in the aviation industry.

We were honored to have Dr Bill Johnson, the co-developer of the PEAR model in FRM, and also Federal Aviation Authority Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for HF in Aircraft Maintenance Systems, to share his knowledge and insights. Dr Jarnail Singh, Chairman of Civil Aviation Medical Board, moderated the Questions and Answers (Q&A) session.

Dr Bill Johnson first addressed the fatigue challenge, followed by an explanation on the principles of HF and how to apply them to enhance aviation safety using the PEAR model: People who do the job; the Environment in which people work; the Actions they perform; and the Resources necessary to complete the job safely and efficiently. Moving from theory to application, Dr Bill Johnson then proceeded to describe the actions that must be shared among the individual worker, company and the regulator, to address these issues.

After the presentation, the Q&A session generated lively discussions from various aviation stakeholders ranging from concerns to the power balance between profitability and productivity in relations to FRM, to the PEAR Model application beyond the maintenance sector.

Mr Max Foo from Changi Airport Group commented, “Well-delivered speech by Dr Johnson. He is very knowledgeable and able to share his vast experience in this area.” Ms Angelia Ng from ITE (College Central) also remarked, “After this session, I am going to introduce the PEAR model to my teaching.”

SAA would like to thank Dr Bill Johnson and Dr Jarnail Singh for their presentation. For more information, do check out the PEAR Model Approach in Applying Human Factors to Enhance Aviation Safety article in SAA Journal of Aviation Management 2016 here.

About the Aviation Insight Series

Launched in July 2008, the SAA Aviation Insight Series features talks by speakers from Singapore and all around the world addressing a wide range of issues of topical interest. It serves as a platform for noted aviation leaders and experts to share insights and experiences with the Singapore aviation community.