SAA Aviation Insight Series on Safety Actions Resulting From Investigations

28 September 2015

On 28 September 2015, the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) presented a talk under the auspices of the SAA Aviation Insight Series (AvIS). The talk, ‘Safety Actions Resulting From Investigations’ was well-attended by some 56 industry practitioners.

Sharing the session with us was Dr André de Kock, a Technical Officer from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Accidents Investigation Section. Mr Michael Alan Toft, the Senior Investigator and Head of Technical Section of Air Accident Investigation Bureau of Singapore (AAIB), moderated the Question and Answer dialogue session.

Apart from highlighting the importance of having well-structured safety recommendations in the final reports of accident and incident investigations, Dr André de Kock also explored trends where safety actions have been engaged during investigations before the final reports were released. These safety actions could be simple immediate fixes or complex engagements with international expert groups to seek solutions for the safety issues at hand. To ensure quality safety management, it is essential that safety actions are taken for both the assessments and the investigations of identified hazards.