Spotlight on Cyber Security in Aviation

31 July 2015

The Singapore Ministry of Transport (MOT), CAAS and SAA, organised the Civil Aviation Cyber Security Conference from 9 to 10 July 2015, to promote the collective awareness of cyber threats among airport operators, airlines, aircraft engines manufacturers, security service providers, security equipment providers, international organisations and regulators. Supported by ICAO and International Air Transport Association (IATA), this was the first conference of its kind that brought together civil aviation professionals from across different parts of the civil aviation eco-system to discuss and share their views and insights on combating the threat from cyber-attacks on civil aviation operations. Mr Pang Kin Keong, Permanent Secretary, MOT, Mr Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General of ICAO and Mr Tony Tyler, Director-General and Chief Executive Officer, IATA delivered the keynote addresses.

Featuring a line-up of 24 international and local speakers, the conference was attended by over 200 aviation stakeholders and security experts from more than 16 countries. The panel of speakers engaged the delegates with a series of wide-ranging and fruitful discussions highlighting the types of cyber security threats, and its implications on the global civil aviation eco-system.