SAA Aviation Insight Series on Ground Control to Major Tom: Commercial Spaceflight

18 September 2014

As part of the SAA Aviation Insight Series, the session on Ground Control to Major Tom: Commercial Spaceflight was presented by Dr GĂ©rardine Goh Escolar, Legal Adviser to the President, Iran-United States Claims Tribunal.

Besides addressing the management of commercial spaceflight traffic and legal issues relating to responsibility, liability and jurisdiction over commercial spaceflight activities. Dr GĂ©rardine also explained the roles of the national regulator, commercial enterprise, and international legal society in the development of a framework of the necessary laws and regulations.


Topics on the challenges, including the interaction of air and space law and their impact on commercial spaceflight, as well as the protection of the outer space and Earth environments, were also discussed. Ms Tan Siew Huay, Director, Legal Division of CAAS, was the moderator for the question and answer session after the talk.