CAAS-LACAC On-site Programme - Seminar on Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation, Lima Peru

15 August 2014

A total of 30 professionals from 10 Latin America States attended the Seminar on Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation in Lima, Peru from 11 to 15 August 2014. This is the 8th run of the joint efforts between CAAS and Latin America Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC) to extend specially tailored on-site training programme to the LACAC member countries. The seminar shared on the overview of the requirements of the ICAO’s State Safety Programme (SSP) in aircraft accident and incident investigation. The seminar aims to prepare States to comply to ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) through the sharing of international best practices and Singapore’s experience in the establishment of an independent aircraft accident and incident investigation process.  

Participants of the seminar benefited from the series of lectures and case studies, as well as a hands-on practical session on the use of the Personal Protective Equipment. They had the opportunity to share their experiences during the seminar which brought about many useful discussions amongst the speakers and the participants.

The seminar was conducted by Mr Chan Wing Keong, Director and Mr David Lim, Senior Investigator, from the Air Accident Investigation Bureau of Singapore (AAIB). Mr Marco Ospina, Secretary of LACAC and Mr Chan Wing Keong addressed the participants during the opening of the seminar. Mr Javier Hurtado Gutiérrez, DG, DGAC, Lima, Peru, presented the certificates to the participants during the closing ceremony.