SAA-EASA Composite Materials Seminar

16 April 2014

The Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recently organised the inaugural SAA-EASA Composite Materials Seminar held at the SAA on 14 to 16 April 2014. A total of 136 local and overseas participants from 43 aviation organisations took part in the seminar.

The theme of the Seminar was Embracing New Composite Materials in Aviation. With the increasing use of composite materials in aviation, the seminar’s  focus were on: The issues and challenges arising from composite materials; How do we adapt to the new composite materials era; and What are some of the future applications of composite materials in aviation.

A team of 9 overseas speakers, who are experts and specialists in the field of composite materials shared their insights and experience on the various aspects of composite materials such as how composites should be dealt with to ensure safety. Participants were also treated to an insightful visit to the facilities of Goodrich Aerostructures Services Centre – Asia Pte Ltd on the final day of the seminar.