6th Meeting of the SAA Advisory Board (SAB)

21 August 2012

The 6th Meeting of the SAA Advisory Board (SAB) took place on 21 August 2012. Chaired by Mr Wong Woon Liong, Senior Advisor, Changi Airport Group, this year’s SAB Meeting saw a robust discussion and sharing of ideas on the role and focus of SAA. SAA is also pleased to welcome Prof Tan Eng Chye of NUS to his inaugural SAB Meeting.

The SAB also had the privilege to hear from Prof Tan who shared on the alumni engagement and outreach efforts of the NUS Business School Global Alumni Network Office, as well as from Prof Wee Chow Hou of NTU who shared on strategies for maintaining an organisation’s competitive edge when it is doing well, via selected insights from the Chinese military classic, Sun Zi’s Art of War.