SAA receives the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Associate Membership

06 May 2011

SAA has successfully completed the TRAINAIR Plus assessment conducted by ICAO and certified as a TRAINAIR PLUS Associate. On Monday, 6 June 2011, ICAO President, Mr Roberto Kobeh Gonzalez, presented DG with a plaque commemorating this certification during a call on Minister Lui at the IATA AGM. As a TRAINAIR Plus Associate, SAA would have access to more than 90 TRAINAIR Standard Training Packages (STPs) to offer more ICAO’s training courses in Singapore to meet global training demand of the next generation of aviation professionals.

In the assessment conducted in March 2011, ICAO reviewed SAA’s facilities, organisational structure, training aids, curricula, instructors, evaluation plans, technology for training, computer-based training (CBT) capability, simulators, e-learning systems, trainees’ programmes and quality assurance programme. SAA fared above expectations in meeting all the 60 requirements in the assessment. In particular, the ICAO assessor highlighted that the courses at SAA demonstrated outstanding teaching techniques. The instructors were experienced and knowledgeable and participants were eager to learn and apply their knowledge and skills.

Globally, SAA is the 8th recipient of the TRAINAIR Plus Associate and the 1st recipient from South-East Asia.

About the TRAINAIR PLUS programme 
The ICAO TRAINAIR Programme was established in May 1990 as a key element in ICAO’s strategy to achieve improvements in safety and efficiency of air transport by helping civil aviation training centres on a worldwide basis to apply high quality standards in training. An essential feature of the TRAINAIR programme is the development of Standard Training Packages (STPs) which participating aviation training centres (TRAINAIR members) will be able to share. ICAO recently initiated an in-depth review of the TRAINAIR programme and the new updated programme called TRAINAIR PLUS was announced in September 10.