SAA Aviation Insight Series – “Lessons from the Ueberlingen Accident’’

25 May 2010

Some 50 aviation professionals gathered on 25 May 2010 to attend the latest session of the SAA Aviation Insight Series. Dr Francis Schubert, Head of Corporate Development and Deputy CEO, Skyguide of Swiss Air Navigation Services Ltd delivered a talk on the topic “Lessons from the Ueberlingen Accident’’.

Dr Schubert provided an overview of the safety recommendations arising from the Ueberlingen investigation, before focusing on less discussed but equally critical takeaways from the accident. The talk included a discussion of approaches to aviation crisis management, crisis communication measures, and the management of the legal consequences of major air disasters, drawing on concrete practical experience.

The programme ended with a dialogue session with Dr Schubert, moderated by Ms Tan Siew Huay, Director (Legal), CAAS.

About SAA Aviation Insight Series

The SAA Aviation Insight Series talks, featuring speakers from around the world, serves as a platform for noted aviation leaders and experts to share insights and experiences with the aviation community, addressing a wide range of issues of topical interest.