Airport Economics and Business Management for Aviation Professionals (Jointly organised with Cranfield University)

Aviation Management

Course Outline

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to plan successful implementation strategies to improve business performance and customer satisfaction for airport and airline management. This interactive five-day course is built on Cranfield University’s expertise in air transport management, strategy and economics, and will provide you the best practices in airport economics and business management. This is an elective course offered under the Diploma in Civil Aviation Management.

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5 days

To be advised

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What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate the fundamental economic features of airports and current and emerging issues affecting business processes
  • Identify current and evolving practices in relation to airline and passenger relationship management
  • Identify success factors required in the management of non-aeronautical business segments and critical issues in the design, management and tendering of concession contracts
  • Measure airport financial and business performance through the application of appropriate key performance indicators
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of ownership and models of economic regulation

Who Should Attend

This course is beneficial to personnel from civil aviation administrations, airport operators and relevant agencies who are responsible for planning and management of airport business and operations. 

Learning Activities

  • Presentations
  • Discussions
  • Workshops
  • Case studies



What Is Covered

  • Introduction to airport economics
    • Key issues in airport management
    • Airport business model and economic features
    • Revenue and cost structures
    • Digitalisation and airport business
    • Regional trends
    • Capital expenditure and financing

  • Airport – airline relationship
    • International Standards (ICAO)
    • Charging structure and cost recovery
    • Consultation and transparency
    • Aeronautical charges
    • Airport – airline contracts
    • Comparing aeronautical charges

  • Airport non-aeronautical revenues
    • Concession agreement and types and award
    • Concession agreement contract and length
    • Joint venture and third - party developer models
    • Features and drivers of airport retail
    • Customer segmentation and behaviour
    • Impact of digitalisation

  • The business of airport property
    • The business of airport car parking and other forms of transportation
    • The business of airport advertising and car rental

Key Instructor(s)


Globally recognised as a leading research and teaching centre, the Centre for Air Transport Management at Cranfield University focuses on the commercial aspects of managing airlines and airports through integrating management with economics, finance, strategy, planning, design, operations, marketing, business development and technology.


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  • Seven to nine : 15%
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