Training Simulators

Air Traffic Services Simulators

The School of ATS is equipped with advanced Air Traffic Control (ATC) simulators incorporating the latest technology, which are specially designed and developed to provide realistic training and to reduce the time needed for on-the-job training.

The School uses aerodrome, surveillance and procedural control simulators for different aspects of ATC training.

Aerodrome Simulator

The Aerodrome Simulator provides a 360° panoramic view of the airfield for training in single or dual runway operations with seamless high definition imagery to achieve high levels of realism in training.

Surveillance Simulator

The Surveillance Simulator provides training in en-route, terminal and combined en-route/terminal operations.

Procedural Simulator

The Procedural Simulator provides training in directing aircraft through crowded skies without use of radar.

Fire Training Simulators

A comprehensive range of fire simulators is designed to fully train and test fire-fighting and safety skills of participants. The simulators are maintained at a dedicated fire training ground where participants undergo true-to-life simulated exercises involving undercarriage fires, internal aircraft fires, fires at fuel installations, a vertical fire wall and flashover fires.

Enhanced Airport Foam Tender Driving Simulator (EAFTDS)

The EAFTDS is a simulator with a 270° screen with photo-realistic images and fully interactive systems on a 6-degree motion platform which is used to provide training on how to drive and operate a foam tender. It is one of the most technologically advanced airport emergency simulator training systems in Asia Pacific with two mini-cabs that will allow for team-based training and more practical coordinated rescue missions.

Breathing Apparatus (BA) Simulator

A controlled-environment Breathing Apparatus (BA) Simulator is also used to provide rescue training in a realistic fire environment. It is used to train the fire-fighters to work in dark and confined space, practising and sharpening their skills under various fire situations.

Endless Ladder Simulator

The Endless Ladder Simulator enhances the BA Simulator with more training scenarios such as climbing up ladders based on industrial settings and rescue operations.

It comes with safety features that help to provide a realistic and safe environment for fire-fighters to train their technique. Through this, trainees will be holistically prepared for all strenuous scenarios while utilising the BA set.

Fire training ground

A dedicated fire training ground, where participants undergo an array of realistic simulation of both military and civilian aircraft fire scenarios, including fully engulfed fires, undercarriage fires, engine fires, internal fires as well as fires at fuel installations and buildings.

These simulators are

  1. Helicopter simulator
  2. F16 simulator
  3. Confined space – building simulator
  4. Multi-directional fire simulator
  5. Bulk fire tank simulator
  6. Horizontal tank fire simulator
  7. Vertical tank fire simulator
  8. High level running fuel simulator
  9. Rotatable fire screen simulator
  10. Adverse weather simulator
  11. B737 Aircraft simulator
  12. Wide-bodied aircraft simulator