Singapore Aviation Safety Seminar Sought to Step Up Aviation Safety Standards with Focus on Embracing New Technologies

28 March 2018

Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) and SAA co-organised the 4th Singapore Aviation Safety Seminar (SASS) from 26 to 29 March 2018 with the theme – Stepping up Safety: Enabling growth, Embracing New Technologies. Mr Tay Tiang Guan, Deputy Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) delivered the welcome remarks and Mr Mark Millam, Vice Present Technical of FSF, delivered the opening remarks on behalf of Mr Jon Beatty, President and CEO of FSF.

The four-day event included three days of seminar which comprised of engineering and flight operations topics from 26 to 28 March 2018 and three full-day workshops: Engineering Workshop – Safety Management Tools on 27 March 2018, Flight Operations Workshop – Go-Around Decision-Making and Execution and Common Aviation Risk Issues held on 28 March 2018 and 29 March 2018 respectively.

“We are excited to return to Singapore and SAA for our 4th annual SASS,” said Mr Jon Beatty, President and CEO of FSF. “The Foundation and SAA staff work well together and have prepared another well-rounded and thought-provoking agenda. I want to thank our good friends at SAA and CAAS for all of their hard work and their commitment to hosting a premier aviation safety event.”

“We expect yet another record turnout at this year’s SASS,” said Mr Tay Tiang Guan, Deputy Director-General, CAAS, “Aviation safety remains top priority as air traffic continues to grow strongly in the Asia Pacific region. I look forward to the discussions on how regulators and industry can work together to embrace new technologies to enhance safety performance.”

The seminar and workshops were attended by 139 participants in total, the highest turnout recorded at the SASS.

Attendees were provided with updates on the latest safety initiatives and developments in flight operations, hear from international aviation experts on leading safety challenges and issues through discussions during engaging panel sessions and appreciate how new technological developments can enhance flight operations safety.