SAA Aviation Insight Series on Reaching Out: Next-of-kin (NOK) Communication Strategies and Media Relations

26 August 2016

On 26th August 2016, SAA held its 4th Aviation Insight Series (AvIS) talk for the year, attracting some 70 participants to learn more on the topic of “Reaching Out: Next-of-kin (NOK) Communication Strategies and Media Relations”.

We were privileged to have Mrs Martine Del Bono, Head of Department of Information and Communications at the French Bureau of Investigations and Analyses for Air Safety Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA), as our esteemed speaker.

During the talk, Mrs Martine Del Bono shared her insights on the factors impeding a safety investigation authority’s efforts to communicate with the NOK, the methods used to counteract misinformation, to handle technical jargon and to provide effective statements. She highlighted on the different challenges faced and corresponding strategies in handling the victims’ NOK as well as the media – from providing official statements at the start of the crisis, being available around the clock to respond to NOK and handling challenging questions posed by the mainstream media.