SAA re-certified as ICAO RTCE and Chairs TPSC

11 April 2017

The RTCE plaque presented by ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu and ICAO Global Aviation Training Chief Mr. Meshesha Belayneh, to Director of SAA Dr Michael Lim.


SAA has been re-certified as an ICAO Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE) for the next three years. On 11 April 2017, the RTCE plaque was presented to SAA at the ICAO Global Aviation Training and TRAINAIR PLUS Symposium held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 11th to 13th April 2017.

At the Symposium, SAA also received an award in recognition for delivering the highest number of RTCE ICAO training packages. These training packages are standardised competency-based aviation training materials developed by SAA in collaboration with ICAO, using ICAO provisions and supporting ICAO programmes, for the benefit of all TRAINAIR PLUS members.

In conjunction with the Symposium, ICAO also convened its 7th TRAINAIR PLUS Steering Committee (TPSC) meeting. The TPSC has been newly refreshed and SAA was honoured to be elected to Chair the TPSC for the next three years. The ICAO TPSC comprises 14 members and plays an advisory role to ICAO, offering guidance and advice on the development and improvement of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme.

SAA was inaugurated as an RTCE in 2014 and has since developed several ICAO-harmonised training packages. SAA currently delivers six Training Packages in four areas covering Personnel Licensing, Aviation Medicine, Safety Inspection, and Search and Rescue. The collaborative network of RTCEs was established by ICAO to enhance the professional qualifications of personnel and the provision of aviation training.

TRAINAIR PLUS is a cooperative network of training organisations and industry partners working together to develop and deliver ICAO-harmonised training packages. As of April 2017, the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme consists of 93 State and Corporate members, working together to develop, deliver and share training packages.