SAA Aviation Insight Series Talk

27 August 2013

On 27 Aug 2013, Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) presented a talk under the SAA Aviation Insight Series on Safety Culture and its Impact on Safety Performance. Sharing the session with us was Dr Rob Lee, International Consultant and a former Director of the Australian Bureau of Air Safety Investigation. The session focused on the need to educate and train all personnel in safety management systems (SMS) in order to achieve a positive safety culture in an aviation organisation, and for the SMS to work together as a fully integrated system. Dr Rob Lee also provided examples of practical tools that can assist organisations to develop, or enhance their safety culture.

A total of 60 professionals from the aviation industry attended the talk.

On 3 Sep 2013, SAA conducted another series of talk on Emerging Trends in Aviation Safety, presented by Capt Kevin Hiatt, President and CEO of Flight Safety Foundation. The talk addressed pilot training with the use of technology on flight decks and the impact of automation. Capt Hiatt shared his insights on the evolvement of the Crew Resource Management (CRM) programme and how it has matured. He also touched on Unstable Approaches and Go-around, parameters for a stabilised approach and when a Go-around should be executed. Worldwide efforts and regional initiatives in safety data gathering, analysis and sharing were also covered. A total of 76 professionals attended the talk.

A total of 76 professionals attended the talk.