Commissioning Ceremony of the Enhanced Airport Foam Tender Driving Simulator

23 May 2016

The Enhanced Airport Foam Tender Driving Simulator (EAFTDS) was commissioned on 23 May 2016, by Mr Kevin Shum, Director-General, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and Mr Lee Seow Hiang, Chief Executive Officer, Changi Airport Group, in an unveiling ceremony at the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA).

The EAFTDS is one of the most technologically advanced airport emergency simulator training systems in the Asia Pacific with two mini driving cabs that will allow for team-based training and more practical coordinated rescue missions.

The EAFTDS will benefit courses such as the Airport Fire Officers (AFO) and Senior Airport Fire Officers (SAFO) courses, which are conducted twice every year in SAA. The inclusion of the EAFTDS training into the AFO and SAFO courses will enhance these courses as trainers now have an additional tool to train and assess their trainees in the various operational and tactical aspects of aircraft incident command and control and team based training.