Inauguration of SAA as an ICAO Regional Training Centre of Excellence and ICAO Aviation Security Training Centre

04 August 2014

Mr Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General of ICAO, graced the ceremony by signing the RTCE Memorandum of Understanding and unveiling the RTCE plaque with Mr Yap Ong Heng, Director-General, CAAS. He also presented Mr Yap with the RTCE and ASTC certificates.

In his remarks, Mr Benjamin noted that “The Singapore Aviation Academy’s modern facilities, experience in the field of aviation training, and emphasis on excellence and efficiency, will greatly support and enhance its contribution to the ICAO Strategic Objectives.”

“Singapore is a strong advocate of aviation leadership and human capital development, which are key to addressing the challenges facing global aviation. Today, Singapore again affirms our commitment to contribute to advancing international civil aviation in harnessing its most critical resource – its people,” responded Mr Yap. 

ICAO has recently established a collaborative network of RTCEs to enhance the professional qualifications of personnel and the provision of aviation training. As a TRAINAIR PLUS-leading Full Member and a member of the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Steering Committee, SAA is one of the first few training centres to become as an ICAO RTCE. As an RTCE, SAA will lead in the development and delivery of competency-based ICAO training courses in the authorised areas of Aerodromes, Flight Safety and Safety Management, and Security and Facilitation.

The ICAO ASTCs promote the professional development of aviation security personnel through exchange of information and mutual cooperation among States and leading aviation security training institutions. SAA will expand its scope of aviation security training offerings as an ASTC.