SAA Aviation Insight Series – ‘‘Human Factors – Still Getting it Wrong After All This Time?’’

14 July 2010

150 aviation professionals gathered on 14 July 2010 to attend the latest session of the SAA Aviation Insight Series. Professor Graham Braithwaite, Head of the Department of Air Transport and Professor of Safety & Accident Investigation, Cranfield University delivered a talk centred on the topic, ‘‘Human Factors – Still Getting it Wrong After All This Time?’’

In every aspect of the air transport system, from flight operations to engineering and maintenance, and from CNS-ATM to aircraft design, there were ample examples illustrating the fallibility of the human operator, designer and manager. Human Factors is not a new topic for the aviation community, but statistics of accident and incident rates still point towards human error as the single greatest threat to safety. Professor Braithwaite explored aviation industry's long battle in dealing with human error, asking pertinent questions on whether we are learning from the past lessons, or are we forgetting to learn from the times we had gotten it right.

The programme ended with a dialogue session with Professor Braithwaite, that was moderated by Mr Alan Foo, Director (Safety Policy & Licensing), CAAS.

About SAA Aviation Insight Series

The SAA Aviation Insight Series provides a platform for noted aviation leaders and experts to share insights and experiences with Singapore’s aviation community. The series of talks features speakers from around the world, addressing a wide range of issues of topical interest. Built into the programme are opportunities for guests to interact with and engage the speakers, as well as to network with fellow attendees.